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Progress, not perfection is what we’re after !

At the start of 2015

We have acquired many of the tools we have been seeking for years and we have initiated and  completed many of the types of charitable transactions that we look forward to repeating.

The tools:

  1. A warehouse.  You need the ability to accept surplus equipment that’s donated.
  2. An e-commerce site to sell our equipment. is where we will convert surplus equipment into charitable funding.

The Charitable transactions:

  1. We were donated our first operating company. is a complete e-commerce office supply business that was donated by one of our supporters who owns a software development company. Proactive Office Supplies is a for-profit company owned by Proactive Philanthropy, the earnings are used to offset our operating costs.
  2. We are scheduled to complete the acquisition of our warehouse facility via a charitable transaction by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

We now have the core of the organization that we have been dreaming of and building for years.  Now we need to simply do more of everything and reach a critical mass and develop the capability to capture all of the opportunities to create charitable funding that are available to us.  We currently have more opportunities than manpower to complete them.  It’s a good problem to have and one that we expect to solve shortly !