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Charities we work with

Before we address that question, it’s important to understand the role that Proactive plays !!

Proactive was founded to complete the charitable transactions that are not being completed.  What we found was the universal need for additional funding to achieve the goal of long term stable funding for all charities.  We can’t reasonably expect to address and improve social issues when charitable organizations don’t have the resources to do it.

When you look at the nonprofit sector in terms of supply and demand; the causes seeking money are the demand and the capital is the supply.  Proactive focuses on creating the supply.  Proactive creates and reinvests charitable funding, that’s all we do.

Proactive works cooperatively with others, what we don’t do, is done by others.  We could never imagine that the causes we cared about, could be more important, than the causes you care about.  We decided that the best way to participate was to use our skills and experience to address the need for money and create an additional source of funding.  We feel that if we can create a “machine” that converts surplus and unwanted assets into funding and make it available for others to address the causes that they feel most passionately about then by working together, all the most pressing social issues could be addressed.

When we learned that a vast majority of real estate donations are not accepted for a variety of reasons and concerns, we knew we could help.  Our model expands the type of capital goods that can be donated and utilized to support charitable organizations enabling companies to use their surplus to create funding.  This is invaluable in times when actual cash donations are declining.

Proactive is available, ready and willing to discuss any opportunities to create funding that you would like to consider.   Give us a call.


Causes we support

Proactive is pleased to have an in-depth relationship with:


The cause we support is:

  • Proactive is pleased to work with Taunton Area School to Career (TASC)  TASC introduces and prepares high school students to enter the workforce and to succeed.


 Proactive looks forward to announcing our working relationship with additional nonprofit organizations.



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